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Post by Crimson Nailo on Mon May 16, 2011 2:34 pm

Player ItzHacame

Picture Hacame's character info Tek7f88621

Mechanic Form: Hacame's character info Tek8a76400

main class: Rogue/lv1

Sub class Mechanic /lv4

race: Dragonic Element: Darkness favorite weapon 2hnd swords favorite class rogue

Moral: Chaotic +1


Hp: 20+1+2+3+5+20+2=53

Attack: 5+1+2+3+3+2+17+18+2+10=63

Speed: 5+5+1+2+3+3+3+2+14+15+2+10=65x2=130

Defense: 3+5+1+2+3+3+3+2+5+6+2+4=39

Mana: 10+1+2+3+5+20+5=46

rogue 1

Mechanic 8

Item: Bounty Hunter Medal(e), Rune Caster Medal(e), Organization XIII Badge(e), 1hd steel sword(x2) fine cotton gloves(e) Fine cotton cape(e) Fine leather boots(e) Mystic ring(e) Iron studded leather armor(e), necklace of life (e), Ignis (katana e), Rhenium Katana (e), Elven Sniper Ring (e)

Crafting Material:
Ultra fine cotton(Grade S)x7

Emerald (Grade B)

Adamantite (Grade A)

Bones (Grade C)


Rogue: Stealth, Backstab, Dexterity, Dual Wield Natural haste

Mechanic: Create Lv 1 Robot: Explode:Create Lv 1 Cannon: Invincibility: Sheath, Quick Reload, Rapid Fire, Infinite Shot, Create Lv 1 Dragon Laser

Shared: Exotic weapons

Racial Darkness Dragon Breath

Gold: 9125

Arena points: 450

Rogue 0/2000
Mechanic 3900/5000
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