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Mystic Arts
Mystic Arts are a classes ultimate Skill they are extremely powerful but difficult to activate
How to activate to activate a mystic art you must have 100 limit energy you get 1 limit energy per attack you make once you have 100 you may choose to activate it you also gain 5 limit energy for every hit you take
1. Mystic arts can only be used at the beginning of your turn
2. Mystic arts end your turn once you use them
3 Mystic arts can only be used once per battle
4. You can only use your main class’s mystic art
5. Starting at lv5 and every 5 lvs there after you gain a multiplier x2 at 5 x3 at 10 and so on
Mystic art list
Burning Phoenix single target
Slash through the enemy ripping the ground a sunder following up with an eruption from the torn ground
Hits the target 10 times first 5 hits deal your attack + speed as earth damage the second 5 hits deal your attack + speed as fire damage and leaves the target slowed for the battle
Shadow moment
Strike the enemy with a blast of crippling darkness then strike them with speed faster then light
Hits the target 7 times with darkness with your attack+speedxbackstab for this attack targets defense is 0
Open the gates of judgment and bring forth divine lightning to strike down all foes
Hit all enemies 1 time for your magic attack x your attack as lightning damage
Aurora wall
Let loose an earth splitting shout to strike down your enemy and spur your party onward
Hits all enemies 5 times for your magic attack + your attack as light damage also revives all fallen party members and heals the party by 1/2 their max health
Blast heart
Summon forth all your strength into a pillar of energy and releasing it a wave of arrows
Hits 1 enemy for you attack + your speed x3 then hits all enemies for your attack + your speed 1 time
Fortune’s Arc
Summon the power of light to destroy all enemies and heal your party
Hits all enemies 13 times for your magic attack+ attack and revive fully heal and doubles all stats for the battle
Holy song
Sing the song of angles to strength the party
Revives fully heals the party and doubles all stats for the battle
Custom classes Mystic Arts *note if said players do not return I will make a mystic art for them *
Razing phoenix
Summon the power of the phoenix to incinerate all enemies
Attack the target 15 times dealing your attack + speed as fire damage
Dragon Knight (not created yet)
Wolf Tamer
Last Howl
Bring together your summoned pack to use the sacred moon howl, bringing about the destruction to all surrounding enemies with a beasts' berserked energy.
All wolves on the field Attack adds up + Master's Magic Attack hits all enemies five times. All beasts on the field innate instincts and abilities are magnified by the howl, giving +10 to all stats (including max HP / MP).
Rave Master
Dance Call

You're true skill lies with your knowledge of the way of the sword. Your innate ability to dance ever so gracefully with your sword surrounded by it's magical aura will diminish all with such explosive power.
Your attack power and magic attack is tripled and added into one attack with a massive explosion of 50% of a random element, and causing random status ailments with amplified effects.
(Meaning that if a target is bleeding cause of this ability, they could lost up to 50 HP a turn for the massive loss of blood)
Project Genesis (not created yet)
Mechanic (not created yet)
Dragon Wizard [Fire]
Sol's ruin
Summon the wrath of the celestial dragon of fire to destroy all enemies
Attacks all enemies 12 times dealing your magic attack+ your speed as fire damage and lowers their fire resistance by 100% for the attack and for the rest of the battle
Prince of Meridia
Being half divine race (already granting you great magical understandings), and cursed by darkness in your arm as a feldragon, you can tap into all sides of your inheritances and eradicate all that opposes you.
Your skin toughens from your feldragon arm, granting you x3 defense. And your power is multiplied by 1/3 (33.3%) of your magic attack, and you may attack all enemies once with +200% darkness and light element.
Angel of darkness (not created yet)
Hidden Mystic Arts

Hidden Mystic Arts are the final advancement or Ego weapon's natural mystic art and are much more powerful then the classes normal mystic art but have special Restrictions like being blow so much health or knowing a skill etc etc

Hidden mystic Art rules
!. can only be used once per battle
2.always have special Restrictions

Celsius Calibur
Special Must have a nodachi equiped and know Dance of the 3 elements
Summon the power of winter to strike down the enemy
Hits 1 enemy 15 times for your attack+speed as ice damage and cuts all stats regardless of abilitys in half for this attack and the rest of the battle
Dragon slayer [Fire]

lBlade of Sol
Special must have dragon force active and be at half health
Unleash the full power of a dragon
Summon the Sword of Sol the First and unlease a Devastating sword combo that breakes through any defense
hits 20times for M.Attack +Attack + Speed as fire damage final hit dose double damage and the target's defense is 0 regardless of abilitys for this attack and the rest of the battle
Ego weapons
Ego weapons gain a mystic art at lv 5 like custom classes the owner of the weapon creates the attack
Ego weapon mystic art rules
1. The weapon must be equipped to use
2. Ego weapon mystic arts gain their multiplier at 10 15 20 so on and so on
3.aswell as all mystic and hidden mystic rules
Muramasa Owner crow darkwing
Hidden Mystic Art Brilliant overlord
Unleash blindingly fast shockwaves of darkness at all enemys 13times and finish with a dark vacume that hits all enemys 4times with lightning and darkness damage all enemy's lose their defence and Invincibility for the battle
Special must be below halve health to use

Giedius (owner Tusda) not created yet
Hidden Mystic Art Avalanche
Special must be at 1/4 health
summon all you powerand bring down a rain of blows like an Avalanche of vengence crushing all enemies in it's wake
Unlease a 30 hit combo dealing M.Attack+Attack as ice damage and cutting their stats in half for this attack and the rest of the battle
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