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Post by Crimson Nailo on Mon May 16, 2011 2:09 pm

Quest list and info 8055_lvling_png-550x0

Leveling works like this when you lv your exp gose back down to 0 and you gain a level you will then need more exp then you last level too level again here is the leveling chat (note you can chose to only gain xp in your current main class or split the exp 50/50 for both the main and the sub class)

lv1 1000xp

lv2 2000xp

lv 3 3000xp

lv 4 4000xp

lv 5 5000xp

lv 6 6000xp

lv 7 7000xp

lv 8 8000xp

lv 9 9000xp

lv10 10000xp

etc etc etc

Round's and turn's

turn's work by speed u can only post if it is you speed's turn higher speed faster you can post in the case of ppl with the same speed players go first then mosters will attack once everyone has their turn the round will end and the next round will start

Quest list and info 6404_rt_png-550x0

starting a battle a battle will start as follow

Battle vs (monster)x(number of monsters)

Battle choices(can only be picked by party leader)

1 battle

2 flee

3 only if there is something special you can do

if the party choses to fight

Monster's stats

one round is when everyone has a turn (unless it is skipped becuse they are stunned or something like it) so ii will at the start of the round post

Round (number)

Turn order



etc etc etc

Fleeing a battle

if you flee a battle you will return to the start of the dungeon/area/whatever your in
Posting combat this is how you should post you's turn

Player's turn

choice to use a potion elixir oil or cast a buff

Player's action(s)

Monster's hp

next player's turn



damage is done like this

Your attack minus target's defense

example you target a giant spider with an armor of 5

your attack is 13 your damage as 13-5=8 you deal 8 damage

Spell attacks ability's that use sap deal ether full damage or no damage at all your sap must be higher then the targets armor for the spell too work dose not count with healing of buff spells
Quest list and info 7633_tq_png-550x0

Types of quest

Dungeon: Dungeon quests are well quests inside a dungeon there for you are away from all shops and the arena and may not use them

Town: Town quests are quest in side the town limits therefor you may still use the shop but may not go on another quest

Story" Story quest are a chain of dungeons and sometimes Town quests

Class: Class quests are solo quest that you must do alone too unlock another class too use

Quest list and info 2768_cs_png-550x0

The current storyline(s) being played

Storyline #1
Order of the black mages Part 1 (cleared by Crow tsuda sykora hacame and mack )
Party leader
Player 2
Dungeon master Crimson the thief

Order of the black mages part 2(cleared by Hacame tsuda Crow Sykora)
Party leader
player 2
Dungeon master Crimson the thief

Order of the black mages part 3
Party leader
Dungeon master Crimson the thief

Legend of the 3 hero's*for Weiss Crimson and Souji only*
Dungeon master Crimson the thief
Quest list and info 5808_quests_png-550x0

Material hunting quests

Abadoned mine (metals)

Darkwood forset(wood)

Thunder plains(Leather)

Lost shipment(Gemstones)

Raiding the bandits(Cloth)

Forsaken forest(bones)
Special quests
The new power of the heart*keyblade*

Repeating a quest

once you have done a quest you may feel free to repeat it however you will only gain exp and gold any item drops will be given to player's who have not done the quest

when a player's character dies they will be removed from play i will mark on my map(yes btw i do draw up dungeon maps)where you die you will keep any exp from any monsters slained before this point however u will not gain anymore until a Cleric revives you as for gold you will still gain gold from monster slain as the party presses forward

Quest list and info 4745_bd_png-550x0


Poison target takes 3dmg per turn for 5 turns

Bleeding (target takes 3 dmg per turn for 5 turns)

Mind poison(lowers targets Sap by 3 for 5 turns)

muscle poison (lowers targets attack by 3 for 5 turns)

Slow (lowers the targets speed by half)

Level drain (lowers the targets lv by 1 can stack up too 10 times when lv drain your hp and mp drop by 5 per stack and you can not use any lv restriced skills if you lv is under it last untill your next rest death or by clearing the quest your on

Cursed all stats are half can only be cured by resting or clearing the dungeon

doomed so many turns till auto death



Reflect you automaticly Reflect all harmfull spells casted at you

Haste you gain a bonus move per turn and 2x speed

improved haste you gain two bonus moves per turn and 3x speed

Berserk target becomes berserk gaining a +5 too attack +2 too speed but-5 too defense

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