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Post by Crimson Nailo on Wed Jun 08, 2011 3:04 am

Keyblades: mystic weapons of power find their keychain and attach it to your weapon to unlock their power

Keyblade rules

1: you may have only one keyblade equipped to you weapon at a time unless you’re using a form that says otherwise

2: Keyblades chains are other type items

3: equipping a keyblade chain will boost the stats of any weapon and will change its weapon type to keyblade as well as giving it bonus ability’s

4: yes they can be equipped to ego weapons

5: each keyblade has an overdrive skill that you may use once you have 100 drive energy

6: Keyblades can be found in dungeons/quests the arena store Obtaining achievements or in hell mode PvE arena matchs

7: overdrives can only be used once per battle

List of keyblades: more will be added when players find them

Kingdom key: clear the quest the new power of the heart
Stats +5 to the weapons highest stat (+5 to two of the highest stats if an ego weapon)
Ability’s Medic use a potion/elixir/oil at x2 effect and turns that it lasts cool down 5 rounds
Overdrive Barrier Doubles defense for 3 turns

Oblivion: buy in the arena store for 2000 arena points
Stats +25 attack magic attack speed defense magic defense hp and mp
Ability Two-Edged blade Cost 20mp 40hp Deal x4 damage, (Passive)Dark shatter every hit lowers the targets defense by 5, Pain split take have the damage of another player cost 15mp
Overdrive seeping darkness combo unleash 12 hits that cut the targets stats half and drain enemy’s mp to 0

Frolic flame Obtain the Lord of fire achievement title
Stats +20 attack +15 speed +20 defense +25 hp/mp +30 magic attack +30 magic defense
Ability’s Triple firaga lunch 3 fireballs that deal s your magic + 20 as fire damage to the target damage cost 20 mp, (passive)Flaming shroud all attacks ignite the target dealing giving them the burning debuff deal 5 points of damage every turn (passive)Fire block all enemies that attack you take 1/2 your defense as damage
Overdrive mega flare Deal 5x you Magic attack as damage but drain all your mp at the same time

Lionheart Obtain the title speed demon
Stats +20 attack +40speed +15 hp/mp
Ability’s Passive sonic arts always attack first in the turn *if two players have Lionheart equipped the higher speed goes first* Passive Attack haste gain two extra attacks per turn untouchable cost 20 mp Add you speed to your defense for 3 turns cool down 3 battles
Overdrive blade fury attack dealing you speed x4
*Obtained by crow darkwing*
Wayward wind Obtain the Iron mind title
Stats +10 magic attack + 40 magic defense +25hp/mp
Ability’s Chain Rave cost 10 mp till your next turn send all magic attack aimed at you back to their source (Passive) Regen you are healed 15 mp and hp at the start of each round Esuna cost 20 mp removes all debuffs from the target and heals them by 1/4th their max hp
Overdrive Star Rave rush forth and attack the target for x4 your magic defense

Oathkeeper Obtain the defender title
Stats +10attack +40 defense +25hp/mp

Overdrive Meteor Rain
Ability’s Passive Undo Immune to all debuffs Passive Regen you are healed 15 mp and hp at the start of each round passive Auto life revive yourself if you die *does not work in pvp* drains all and drive energies
Overdrive Faith rain down holy energy dealing x2 your defense to all targets

Olympia obtain the title destroyer
Stats +40 attack +20speed +20 defense
Ability’s Passive impact arts when you attack a target it's defense is cut in have for your attacks Passive Brick wall immune to stat drops Passive Auto counter when attacked you automatically attack back with a normal attack
Over drive Zone of ruin summon a giant sword of light and smite the target with one fell blow deals x4 your attack
Stats +40 magic attack +20 speed +20 magic defense
Ability’s Thunder tracer cost 20mp Unleash a wave of lightning bolts deals your magic attack to all enemies and gives them the thunder surge debuff causing 1/4th your magic attack every turn to them(Passive) arcane arts when you attack with your magic attack you lower the targets magic defense by 1/2 for the attack Aeroga cost 10 mp renders 3 random targets helpless unable to attack for 3 turns
Overdrive energy bomb Surround yourself with orbs of light, then detonate them all at once deals your magic attack x2 to all enemies

Ultima weapon: gather all fragments of the keychain to obtain it

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