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Crow Darkwing Character info Empty Crow Darkwing Character info

Post by Crimson Nailo on Mon May 16, 2011 1:32 pm

Player Crimson the thief

Character pic Crow Darkwing Character info Crowaggressor

demon blade mode Crow Darkwing Character info Shadowknight


Main class Legend/lv10

Sub Class Assassin/lv5

Race Elf favorite class wizard favorite weapon rapier +10 speed

moral chaotic

Stats (always improved hasted)

HP 75+5+5+5+5+5+5+5+5+5+5+20+15+5+5+5+5+10=190
mana 40+5+5+5+5+5+5+5+5+5+20+15+5+5+5+5+5+10=145
attack 15+5+2+70+2+8+2+2+2+5+5+3+20+20+10+10=181
magic attack 1+31+12+15+8+7+7+10=91
speed 12+10+2+2+65+2+7+2+2+2+5+2+3+12+15+7+20+40+10+10=245x3=735
defense 12+5+15+2+12+7+31+2+2+2+3+8+7+20+10+10=148
magic defense 12+5+15+2+12+7+31+2+2+2+3+8+7+20+10+10=148

resistence's 50% fire water earth wind light darkness lightning ice Poison silver

Champion set bonus
2 +20 mp hp(e)
3 +20 attack speed defense(e)
4 50% resitence to all elements(e)
5 x2 exp gold arena points(e)

sp *+1 per lv if Alpha thread tester medal is equiped*
Legend 0
assassin 3

+1Rhenium Nodachi +27 attack +21 speed +9 defense +9magic defense
Mystic ring (e) +2 attack +2 speed +2 defense +2 magic defense +2 magic attack +5 mp +5 hp Double exp arena points gold (e)
Elven sniper ring+2 attack +2 speed +2 defense +5 mp +5 hp(e)
Champion Helmet +12 defense +12 magic defense +12 magic attack +15 speed(e)
Champion body +15 defense +15 magic defense +15 magic attack +15 speed (e)
Champion Glove +8 defense +8 magic defense +8 attack +8 magic attack(e)
Champion boots +7 defense +7 magic defense +7 magic attack +7 speed(e)
Champion Cape +7 defense +7 magic defense +7 magic attack +7 speed(e)
Fine cotton hood +3 defense + 3 magic attack +3 magic defense
Steel Studded leather armor + 4 defense + 4 magic defense +4 magic attack
fine cotton Gloves +3 attack +3 speed +3 magic attack +3 magic defense
Fine leather boots +3 speed
fine cotton cape +3 defense +3 magic defense


yellow Liquidx2 blue Liquid x2 remedy x2

lionheart(equiped to Muramasa)
Stats +20 attack +40speed +15 hp/mp
Abilitys Passive sonic arts always attack first in the turn *if two players have lionheart equiped the higher speed gose first* Passive Attack haste gain two extra attacks per turn untouchable cost 20 mp Add you speed to your defense for 3 turns cool down 3 battles
Overdrive blade fury attack dealing you speed x4

medals Alpha thread tester(e) Rama's rage(e) rune caster(e) duelist(e) Prime Knights symbol(e) Assassin's crest(e) Stygain's claw(e) medal wild fang(e)

titles Master ronin(e) Speed demon (e) Legendary swordman+10 to all stats including hp(e)

Crafting Material

magic wood (Grade S)x2 Diamond (Grade S)x6 Rhenium ore (Grade S) ultra fine leather (grade S)


Shared (passive)Psych unlocked (passive) Psych blast

Special Destroyer of heaven Alpha power! Shock field rule break holy rage blind fury black space (passive) speeding dodge thunder fang

Legend Immune to stun/fear (passive) exotic weapon specialist lv 3 Warrior's Spirit Quick strike Helm strike Improved Natural haste Falling flower strike Cleave Blade storm Issan (passive) Iron will shattering Blow Shattering Strike Blade Fury Helm Splitter (passive) flash step counter Spirit Crushing Blow Iai Stance

assassin Improved stealth Improved backstab(5/5) hunter instinces Claw specialist lv 2 (passive) detect/disarm traps Picklocks

Racial ability nature's blessing


Arena points

XP 15,100 pending
Legend 0/11,000
assassin 200/6,000
Crimson Nailo
Crimson Nailo

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